Aha! feeds minds, imagination, and bellies.

We provide many of the traditional subjects our students experience in their regular schools. All important. But we also realized there’s more to life for a child.

Aha! provides:

  • Art classes
  • Music instruction
  • Scientific exploration
  • Journalism
  • Drama Class
  • Time in nature
  • Playtime
  • Friendship
  • Guidance
  • Open hearts

These are all fun things. Inspiring things! Amazing things! But they’re also very functional things. Many schools can’t afford enough art or music, both vital to brain development. Science is the future. Building an interest in science or math could be the spark that lifts a child out of poverty and helps them find their greatness. And because of where our kids traditionally live, parks and outdoor activities either aren’t available or are too dangerous.

And then there is mealtime. Meals are special here. Sure we learn that dunking a cookie in milk is pretty yummy. But the sad fact is, Aha! is the only place some of our children get to eat. We provide meals for them and they leave Aha! each day with meals for their younger and older siblings.

Science & Engineering