Aha! is like unlocking a treasure chest

Every child deserves a chance to become everything they can be regardless of where they live, what language they speak or what their family’s income level is.

Houston’s Precinct Two is one of the most impoverished areas in our community. Underfunded and lacking social and educational opportunities, this culturally diverse population is also teeming with children. Children who often don’t have access to the resources and tools to help them get the education they’re deserve.

Art, science, music, time in nature and even regular meals are often luxuries these children don’t have access to on a daily basis. Many of these children take care of siblings, work after school, or perhaps never venture outside their homes due to safety concerns.

Aha! provides that outlet for kids who may not otherwise experience what they need to help them grow, develop, and learn.

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Make a donation into a better childhood.

And a brighter future.