Our Ask

A donation into a better childhood. And a brighter future.

Our donors are more than generous angels to our organization and our kids. Our donors are the ones who make Aha! moments happen, and set these kids on a course to a better now and a future with unlimited potential.

We make sure all donations go to giving the kids what they need. The fundamental promises we make to our donors are:

  • No donations go to pay employee salaries when donated to a certain need.
  • Choice in what a donor chooses to contribute.
  • Full transparency in where their money goes.
When you support Aha! and a child, 100% of your contribution goes toward where you allocate it to be spent.
Two ways to help.
  1. Contribute to programs, equipment or other needs for the entire need or a portion thereof.
  2. Donation to Aha! – you can specify allocation to operating costs, marketing, events or travel.

Directed Donation

Donate to anything Aha! From general operating costs to outreach to programs for the kids, it’s your choice.


Purchase three books kids can own and take home.

Field Trip

Sponsor up to 150 kids for a field trip to the zoo. 
$10 of $650 raised

Aha! Moments

Sponsor direct program expenses for a child for one day. You can also elect to make this a recurring monthly contribution.

Art Teacher for a Week

Sponsor an Aha! art teacher for one week.
$0 of $393 raised

Pack of Three Canvases

Purchase a pack of three professional-grade canvases and open a world of self-expression.

Drama Teacher for a Week

Sponsor an Aha! drama teacher for one week.
$0 of $393 raised


Purchase a marionette to help a kid express himself and gain confidence to be in front of others.

Music Teacher for a Week

Sponsor an Aha! music teacher for one week.
$0 of $393 raised

Drumsticks & Practice Pad

Purchase drumsticks and a practice pad to ignite all areas of a child’s cognitive development.

Lunch Lady Land

Sponsor Taco Tuesday to feed our kids and their siblings.
$0 of $121 raised